Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

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Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose, A yakshini is a mystical female entity and is prevalent in 3 religions; Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. A yakshini is the female counterpart of Yaksha. Both of them are associated with Lord Kubera who is worshipped as the God of wealth in Hinduism. Yakshinis are mostly considered as fairies who are extremely beautiful. There are said to be a total of 36 yakshinis according to Hindu tantra.


All of them have the ability to fulfill any of your desires that you may have. Each yakshini is invoked according to what you want and desire. A yakshini mantra comes under the category of tantra magic. Such a mantra is widely used for desire fulfillment of a sadhak who performs the specific yakshini sadhana. Yakshini worship is still performed by many people. You must be courageous and you must have patience in order to get the benefits of this mantra.

There is a yakshini mantra that you can perform in order to get anything you desire. This includes getting lots of money, attracting a specific person, getting married, resolving problems etc. Here is the yakshini mantra for any purpose that you can use to get everything you want:

Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

  • This is a general mantra that you can perform for any purpose.
  1. The specific yakshini is invoked to fulfill any of your desire.
  2. In order to attain siddhi, you must chant the following mantra for 1,25,000 repetitions:


  • You don’t have to say the 1,25,000 repetitions of this mantra on the same day. You can chant a specific number of chants per day. Make sure that you complete the total of 1,25,000 chants within a short span of time.

There are many yakshini mantra sadhanas that you can do. These depend on which yakshini you are trying to invoke. Moreover, it depends on what you want to accomplish by invoking the yakshini. Here is a specific example of yakshini mantra sadhana:

  • This mantra invokes the siddhi yakshini who is able to fulfill your aspirations.
  1. You must start during the period of Revathee nakshatra.
  2. For you to attain siddhi, you need to chant the mantra for a few days. You need to chant such that you recite the following mantra 10,00,000 times in total:


  • After the 10,00,000 chants are completed, you will attain siddhi.
  1. Now you need to start chanting the mantra for 5000 repetitions.While you are chanting, you must cook rice in a pot made of clay.
  2. Then you have to perform havan 500 times by offering the following items: ghee, guggull and Chrysanthemum flowers in fire. While you are doing this, you need to start chanting the mantra again.
  3. You must start chanting the mantra again everyday until you reach 10,00,000 chants in total within a few days.

Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

Getting the right amount of wealth and success is important to all of you.Living a financially stable life is everyone’s dream because it means you can be secure in our lives. Moreover, you can live your life as you want.Here is a yakshini mantra for money/success/job:

  • The following is a Lakshmi yakshini mantra for gaining wealth.
  1. You must make an ashtadhatu moorti of Lakshmi yakshini during the period of Uttaraa Bhaadraapadaa nakshatra.
  2. You should wear dark yellow colored clothes.
  • You must start the mantra sadhana at around 4:00 a.m. in a very neat and clean place.
  1. You must wash the place nicelywith ganga jal.
  2. Then you should light some chandan incense. Now rotate the incense all over place where you are going to sit and perform the sadhana.
  3. Now put the moorti of Lakshmi yakshini on that place.
  • Put a tilak of kastoori and kesar on the forehead of the idol that you made.
  • You must now sit on koosha grass sitting mat.
  1. You should think about the idol and then chant the following mantra for 108 times:


  1. You should use a tulsi bead mala for counting the number of chants you perform.
  2. You must keep some laddoos that are made from bhang in front of you.
  • You have repeat this sadhana for a total period of 31 days.
  • You will receive the Lakshmi yakshini darshan in your dreams and you will get her blessings.

Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

Siddhi means getting complete understanding of the mantra. A siddhi process depends on the mantras that you are reciting. Here is an example of a powerful yakshini tantra sadhana siddhi process that you can perform to get what you want:

  • This is a Jaya-Vijayaa yakshini mantra sadhana siddhi procedure. Jaya and Vijayaa are two very powerful yakshinis.
  1. You may perform one of the siddhi mantras; Jaya yakshini siddhi mantra or Vijayaa yakshini siddhi mantra. You may also do both of the siddhi mantras. It is entirely your choice.
  2. Jaya yakshini siddhi mantra vidhi has to be started when one Amavasya starts until the next Amavasya takes place.
  • You should do it on a Shivalayaa.
  1. You must chant the following mantra for 5000 times daily for as long as you want:


  1. The Jaya yakshini will appear before you by midnight after the completion of the sadhana.
  2. The following is a procedure for performing Vijayaa yakshini siddhi mantra.
  • You must do this siddhi mantra sadhana on a river bank or in a graveyard.
  • You must find a tree and then climb it.
  1. Chant the following mantra daily until you complete 3,00,000 chants of the following mantra:


  1. You should chant a fixed number of chants everyday.
  2. After the successful completion, Vijayaa yakshini will give you her darshan.
Yakshini Mantra For Any Purpose

You have seen that there are several yakshini mantras that you can chant as per your wish. The mantra which you chant is based on what you want to achieve and require in your life. There are no limits to the amount of mantras that you chant however you should follow sadhana one at a time.You must remember that yakshinis are very powerful and invoking them can be dangerous.

Hence, you must be prepared accordingly. If you perform the vidhi properly, you should be successful in your practice. Don’t be disheartened quickly. You must not give up hope. It is advised that you contact a tantric if you need any help because they are experts after all. Don’t give up easily. As long as you are doing the mantra sadhana with full focus and belief, then your wishes will definitely be answered at the right time.