Vashikaran Hatane Ke Upay

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Vashikaran Hatane Ke Upay

Vashikaran Hatane Ke Upay, There is no denial to the fact that, in the present day digital environment, effects of black magic still exists. There are some people in the society who use the ancient spiritual practices for achieving evil ends. Some use it to get their love. Yet others use to disturb or eliminate relationship between lovers or spouse. Many have fallen victims to wrong application of vashikaran and face different kinds of adversities. Hence, there is the need to know about the vashikaran se bachne ki upay.


Vashikaran is a paranormal process of controlling the mental, physical, emotional and psychological activities of someone else. Have you ever felt that you are unable to control your own activities? You may also  be getting attracted to someone you don’t like. Then, be sure, you are under vashikarn of someone. You must find out vashikaran se bacne ki upay. Else, adversities will engulf you and your mental torture will ruin you.

Applying vashikaran to someone is backed by a powerful paranormal force. Therefore, vashikaran se pachne ki upay is needed to be super powerful. This has power to backfire or boomerang the applied vashikarn. You can get the vashikaran se mukt/chtkara mantra from a highly skilled and vashikaran specialist. You can also get vashikaran todne ka totka from him. You may be amazed to know that application of vashikaran may cause a number of adverse situations for you. Few of these are mentioned below.

  • Your love may keep a distance from you and may make relationship with others.
  • Losing of love of your spouse or extra-marital relationship
  • Failure in getting suitable jobs
  • Slowing down or zeroing of your existing business
  • Suddenly, you may develop quarrel or enmity with your closer ones or your relationship is totally terminated
  • Suddenly your business partner starts avoiding you.
  • Delay in marriage of your own or daughter or sister
  • Non-conceiving of child
  • Failure or securing lower marks in your exams
  • Losing favor of your boss
  • Losing balance of mind and behaving like lunatics
  • Suffering from incurable diseases

Sometimes, the vashikaran applied by your ill-wishers may cause more than one of these adversities. Don’t be frustrated or desperate. Consult a right vashikaran guru and get the vashikaran todne ka totka. There is tried and trusted vashikaran se mukt/chutkara mantra to make you vashikaran-proof. Once you apply this anti-vashikaran mantra, you are enabled to lead a smooth and trouble free life.

If things are not happening as you desire, you should be sure that some external paranormal force is working. At the same time, you must know that it is only a temporary affair. If you apply vashikaran todne ka totka, the effect will vanish as it came. But, it is essential that it is prescribed by a perfect vashikaran expert. The vashikaran se muktchutkara mantra is like a needle, used to take out a torn from your feet or hand.

Here are some simple processes which you can adopt as vashikaran se bacne ki upay. But, you have to always take the guidance and advice of a spiritually learned person.

  • Offer your prayer at the Maha kali temple and asmear a ‘tika’ of kum kum on the forehead of the victim of the vashikaran evil.
  • Offer some rose flowers at Maha Kaali and for some time, recite the ‘chamunda’ mantra. Thereafter, make the victim of vashikaran, to eat seven portals of the offered rose flower.
  • Take a lemon ‘limbu’ and swipe it 21 times around the victim. Then make 4 pierces of the limbu and throw it away.
  • Take a kabach or tawiz from a vashikaran practitioner and use it either on arm or around the neck. of the sufferer of vashikaran.

There is also quranic ways of vashikaran se bachne ki upaya. This is applicable only for Muslims

  1. Surah Yusnus ki ayat 81-82
  2. Surah Ta-HA KI AYAT #69
  3. Surah Araf ki ayat 177-122
  4. Surah Al-Taghabun ki ayat 14-16 to be recited for 3 times
  5. Ayatal Qurshi

There are more than 200 methods for the application of vashikaran, depending upon the planetary positions of the target and the purpose for which it is applied. Therefore, the vashikaran se mukt/ chutkara mantra also vary. So, you have to obtain the services of the authentic and genuine person. Selection of wrong person may further aggravate the situations. The person must be well-versed in all kinds of effective spell castings and rituals.

He should have adequate experience in dealing with different kinds of vashikaran todne ka totka.  It is also important that you do not share the vashikaran se mult/chutkara mantra with others’ even the closest ones. The key to success of vashikaran se bachne ki upay is “faith” on the guru as well on the spell. If you take vashikaran todne ka totka in a casual way, you only add to your existing problems.

The strongest of all vashikarn spells is the mohini vashikaran, cast to attract someone you or to create marital discord. The reason is ‘Mohini” is no other than Lord Vishnu in His incarnation. Yet, there is vashikaran se mukt/chutkara mantra to shield you against mohini vashikaran. Ordinary spell caster can’t handle such grievous spells.  What is required in such case is a powerful combo of mantra-tantra-yantra. If you don’t take help from the right person at the right time, you will only wasting time and treasure.

You have to practice and recite the vashikaran se mukt/chutkara mantra, as prescribed by the vashikaran ‘guru’. The right kinds of simulations and directions will ease you out of problems, faced by you. You are to practice the vashikaran todne ka totka in a closed room by covering all the mirrors and frames. None other than vashikaran se bachne ka upay can save you