Reverse Black Magic Shabar Mantra

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Reverse Black Magic Shabar Mantra

Reverse Black Magic Shabar Mantra, We all know the importance of Mantras. There are Mantras which can resolve all your problems or can say if you are facing any challenges in life and you believe in God then don’t worry- Aap saache man se Bhagwan ki upaasna kare aur mantrochaaran kare. All you should know the proper pronunciation of these Mantras. Here we are going to know about the Hanuman Shabar Mantra. We will know here, what is Hanuman Sabar Mantra? What is the importance of Hanuman Shabar Mantra and how to chant the Hanuma Shabar Mantra?


Shabar Mantras are very powerful Mantras and they bring immediate results. And it is acknowledged that the Shabar Mantras are written by Guru GorakhNath Ji and Navnath Chaurashi. These Mantras are written in Indian folk language that is Awadhi. These Mantras are also written in other religion, but the main source and first creator of this mantra is Guru Gorakhnath Ji.

All Shabar Mantras are used to fulfill your dreams or to accomplish any work and also to control someone completely under your dominance. The experts of Shabar Mantra can offer you a Shabar Mantra on his own willingness. Not only this, the expert of Shabar Mantras can also guide you how to pronounce and how to perform this Shabar Mantras.

The Shabar Mantras are so strong which can even break the black magic spell or reverse the black magic. This mantra is a boon to those persons who are suffering and had been affected by the black magic. This is a magical Hanuman Mantra specifically for the purpose of removing and reversing Black Magic Voodoo Spells done by your enemy, exorcist or a Tantric and for protecting you from the effects of Black Magic.

This Hanuman Shabar Mantra is also known as Para Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Vidya Bhaya Nivaran Mantra, it is used for the purpose of destroying, removing and protecting from malefic, life threatening and harmful Voodoo spells cast on a person or individual or any black magic done.

Not only this, the Shabar Mantra is so powerful and potential that it can reverse the black magic spells and it will be sent back to the one who have originally practiced them on you. This Navnath Shabar Mantra will offer you protection of self and your loved ones from any kind of black magic, Kala-Jaddu, Tona-Totka, Tantra-Mantra and paranormal practices, even harmful and dangerous Aghori Mantras, Yantras and Tantras.

This Shabar Mantras should be performed by an expert as it may lead to a sever consequences which we cannot even imagine. To perform this Shabar Mantras, first of all we need to attain Siddhi on this Shabar Mantra. Without achieving Siddhi we cannot perform this mantra. The Siddhi can only be gained on an auspicious occasion and that can be in the period of any solar or lunar eclipse and by chanting or reciting this mantra with complete devotion and in complete concentration for 10,000 times in all.

Reverse Black Magic Shabar Mantra

If you feel and suspect that someone have put you under some black spell and trying to harm you, you can perform this shabar mantra on your own. All you need to do is to chant this mantra with full concentration and throw some whole grains on Black Urad Dal in all four directions while you chant the mantras. Aap dhyaan laga kar Guru Gorakhnath is ko yaad kare aur unse prarthana kare ki, wo aapki raksha kare. The spell is as written below:


Om Si aaaaaai Ko Laaagaaaaaai Jaaat Gaaal Khaaat Ulaaat Pulaaat Lukaaa

Jhukaaa Ko Saaaaaar Naaaaaar Siddhi Goraaakhnaaath Ki Duhaaai

Maaantraaa Furo Ishwaaaro Vaaaaaachaaa

You can also use the below mentioned method to break the black magic spells and to destroy the Vashikaran. And this Mantra will return the black magic back to the one who have first done on you and destroy your enemy.


To Reverse the Casted Black Magic or Removal:

Om Ek Thon Saaarson | Saaaulaaa Raaai | Moro Paaatvaaal Ko Rojaaaaaai | Khaaay Khaaay Paaade Bhaaar | Je kraaai Te Maaare | Ulaaat Vidyaaa Taaahi paaar Paaare | Shaaabd Saaanchaaa | Pind Kaaanchaaa | Haaanumaaan Kaaa maaantraaa Saaanchaaa | Furo Maaantraaa Ishwaaaro Vaaachaaa |

Reverse Spells Ritual of Black Magic or Removal: First on the time of Eclipse or Diwali or Holi Night, Chant this spells 21 mala and activate its power.