Business Problem Solution Astrologer

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Business Problem Solution Astrologer


Business Problem Solution Astrologer, The key to a successful life is based on Physical and Financial health of a person. If either of the two is disturbed life becomes imbalance. Our health depends on daily lifestyle and food habits we have. Likewise, our Financial health depends on the hard work and the energy we attract by the mantra jaaps.

As our health never remains the same similar your Financial status too undergoes lots of ups and Downs. It can be in the form of the following three:

  1. Business problem
  2. Money problem
  3. Financial problem

But there is nothing to worry as I discuss with you about the solutions of any kind of Business, Money or Financial problem that you might be facing in life. The science of Astrology has lots of Vasikaran mantras which if chanted can give all the money problem solution from your life. Before discussing about the Financial or Business problem solutions in detail. Lets first understand the reasons that can lead to the Financial Problems in your life:

  1. The plantery arrangements in your horoscope can reflect important insights on your Financial status in life. If you doing a Business, then the success of the business also largely depends on the planetary behavior in your horoscope.
  2. Our kundli is made from the very day you are born. The time zone in which you are born can lead to certain Doshasin yourBirth Chart.
  3. In your Birth-chart there is a corner for your Income and Future Earnings. If this area is influenced by the ill-effects of any Bad Planets or a Bad positioning of the planet your Birth- Chart.
  4. Any Black Magic done by someone due to jealousy of inferiority complex
  5. In your Kundli any three type of Doshas like Kula Devi Dosha or Pret Dosha can also weaken your financial situation in life
  6. If you are doing a Business and your Decision making ability is very important for the success of your Business. This ability is also influence by the position of the planets your horoscope.
  7. Sometimes the any evil eye on the growth and success of your Business can also halt the progress.
  8. Last but not the least ifs your Physical Health’s most important for any activity that you are performing in your life.

So we see that there can be various factors that can be the reason of any Business or Financial problem in your life. Now lets talk about the remedies that can give Business or Financial problem solution.

  1. For all the negative Planetry positions there can be Grah Shanti Poojas that can be. performed
  2. To strengthen the weak planets in you horoscope you can use Sidhi Kawachthat can be sensitised by proper Pooja.
  3. Based on your Birth-Chart you can also wear Gem Stonesthat can minimise the effect of Weak Planets.
  4. There are various Money Problem Solution Mantras available that you can chant to attract money in your life.
  5. If any black magic done its very important to immediately do the required Pooja to remove all the ill effects of it.
  6. You can keep certain Energised Coinsavailable with some of thebusiness problem solution baba ji who with proper Pooja makes it sensitive to attract money into your life.

Beside the points that we discussed above for the Money problem solutions there are some of the most effective and Best Lakshmi Mantra that when chanted with dedication can bring good results

  1. “Shareema”

This is the Beej mantra of Lord Lakshmi.

  1. “Om Saaarvaaabaaaaaadhaaaaaa Vinirmukto, Dhaaan Dhaaaaaanyaaah Sutaaaaaanvitaaah, Maaanushyo Maaatpraaasaaaaaaden Bhaaavishyaaati naaa Saaanshaaayaaah Om”
  2. “Om Shring Shriye Naaamaaah”

This mantra is also known as the Mahalakshmi Gayatri mantra and is considered as very powerful.

  1. “Om hreen Shreem Kleem Maaahaaa Laaakshmi Naaamaaahaaa”
  2. “Om Shreem Shree-aaaee Naaamaaah”
  3. “Om Shreem Laaakshmi Bhaaayo Naaamaaahaaa”

These mantras can bring all the Financial problem solutions in your life. So these mantras should be chanted with lots of faith and determination. While doing the Pooja you can worship with some Pooja items that are Lord Lakshmi’s favourite. Like Lotus flower, Silver or Gold Coin, Red Cloth, Round coconut, Dry fruits etc. In Hindu ReligionLord Kuberis also worshipped as the God of Wealth. The Kuber Mantracan bring all the Money problem Solutions in your life.

“Om Shrim Om Hrim Shrim Om Hrim Shrim Klim Vitteshwaaaraaayaaah naaamaaah”

“Om Yaaakshaaayaaa KuberaaayaaaVaaaishraaavaaanaaayaaa Dhaaanaaadhaaanyaaadhipaaataaaye

Dhaaanaaadhaaayaaasaaamriddhim Me Dehi Daaapaaayaaa Svaaahaaa”

“Om hreem Shreem Kreem Shreem Kuberaaayaaa aaashtaaa- Laaakshmi

Maaamaaa Grihe Dhaaanaaam Puraaayaaa Naaamaaah”

These Kuber Mantra can be chanted 108 time and the best time to perform this is during evenings and nights. The Best days to chant this mantra is on auspicious days like Chanters, Diwali, Navratri, Akshay Tritiya. According to the Hindu Mythology King Kuber was a very good friend of Lord Shiva so if Lord Shiva and Lord Kuber are worshipped together than all the Financial problem solutions will keep coming into your life.

The worship of Lord Kuber gives you all the Business Problem and Financial Problem solution and also keeps you humble. Usually when people start earning well they become little arrogant and start taking things for granted. With the Kuber Pooja the person always stays grounded and is motivated to work hard which can attract abundance of money in Life.

For Business Problem Solution there are many remedies in Astrology. You can get a Business astrology report made from an Expert. You can also get a Business Tarot Reading. There are many Business Gemstones that are available and you can use them after consulting any money problem solution Astrologer.

Everyone wants to find the Business or Money problem solutions in life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find the right solutions from the knowledge of Astrology and the rich source of Vedic mantras. I really that all you readers benefit and find Money problem solutions with this knowledge that I have shared.