Elaichi Vashikaran Mantra

Elaichi Vashikaran Mantra

Elaichi Vashikaran Mantra, An elaichi has a lot of uses in general. One of the most popular uses is in the area of mantras. The elaichi vashikaran mantracan be used for controlling someone. You can control someone for cooperation or because you love them.

Elaichi Vashikaran Mantra
Elaichi Vashikaran Mantra

Does the person you love ignore you completely? Does the person not know of your existence? These are all too common but you should not be disheartened. The elaichise vashikaran keupaywill help you achieve what you want with the help of cardamom. There are remedies, mantras and procedures you can use to get what you want to achieve.

An elaichi vashikaran mantrathat you can perform to attract someone and draw someone to you is as follows. This is a shabar mantra which is a marvelous vashikaran mantra as it is strong in nature. You need to attain siddhi in this mantra by repeating the mantra for a total of 121 times each day.

You must start on any day when there is a Hindi festival. You need to perform the repetitions for a total of 21 days without a single break. You have to use a rudraksha mala in order to chant the mantra. It is advisable that you keep the rudraksha mala with you so that you can use it for the mantra repetitions. The mantra is as follows.

‘Aum namoh kaalaa kalooaa kale raat teesree putlee maanjee raat. Kaalaa kalooaa ghaatt baath soothe ko jaga laav beti ko utha laav, khadee ko chala laav. Veygee ghar yaa laav mohinee johanee chal raajaa ko thaav. (Say name of lover here) ke tann mein chatpatee lagaav, jeeya le todd jo koi khaay hamaari elaichi, kabhi na chodey hamara saath.

Elaichi Se Vashikaran Totke

Ghar ko tez bahaar ko tajey, ghar ke saayi ko tajey, hume tajj aur kaney jaaye to chaathi faat turat phaat turat bhar jaaye. Satyya guru aadesh guru kee shakti meri shakti phoorow mantra eeshwarow vaacha eeshwar mahadev kee vaacha. Vaacha se darey to kumbhee narak mein padey.’

When the 21 days have been successfully completed, you can then take some elaichi the next day. You should hold it firmly in your hand. You must ensure you are holding the elaichi in your right hand. Then you should say the mantra for a total 11 times. You should slowly say the mantra so that each word is pronounced properly without mispronunciation.

After this, the elaichi must be given to the person you truly love and want to attract. You can mix it in some food or sweet. You need to ensure that the person eats it completely. When they eat it, they will become attracted to you instantly and won’t be able to stop the attraction.

There are elaichise vashikaran totkethat let you attract someone with the help of remedies. One such totka is the mohini mantra that helps you attract the type of lover you want. This can be used by anyone who wants to attract someone else. This person can be someone who doesn’t know you yet.

You can use it to get back your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend too. You should start on a Sunday morning. You should make a drink which should be black in color. It has to be a sharbat. At night, you should light a googgool dhup. You must put bhog in front of it; paan and barfi. You should then make a paste with elaichi, supaari and laung to make it to a paste.

You must then chant the mantra. ‘Mohinee mohinee kaahaan chalee. Baraa khudaayee makaa kaanchalee aur dekh. Jaley baley merey dekh mere paayan padhe. Cchhoomath kaaya vaacha gauraknaath ka sabak. Sab saancha sath naam aadesh guru ka.’ Then you need to put the paste in front of you and chant the vashikaran mantra for a total of 251 repetitions.

You must then take the mud from beneath where the person stepped on the soil. You should mix this mud with the elaichi paste you made. Then you must chant the vashikaran mantra for 51 times to give it power. You should throw this on the person you truly love and the person will be under your control.

When you want to control your husband, cardamom can be used to do that and get results quickly. You can perform elaichisepati ka vashikaran. This is unlike any other method you would have heard but it is effective. It is easier and easier to perform than other vashikaran methods you must have heard of or done in the past.

Elaichi Se Vashikaran Ke Upay

This mantra procedure will increase the love between you and your husband. You are required to repeat the following mantra for a total of 21 times. ‘Akshyow naww madhusankaashey aneekan naww samanjjanam. Anthahah kranooshv maa hridee mann innow sahaasatee.’

You can do something else in order to increase love so that your husband is under your control. You can take some cardamom, kesar and honey. You should then mix all the three ingredients together. Then you should give it to you husband. This will make him more loving and caring towards you.

If he has been acting badly towards you, then he will be nicer and calmer than usual. He will be a better husband too. This vidhi can be used alongside the vashikaran mantra you just read about to control your husband. Both are effective when done together. These procedures will bring you close to your husband.

Elaichi Se Pati Ka Vashikaran

You can use the elaichi vashikaran mantraon anyone for controlling how they think. You should follow the procedure of the mantra fully and without a break. The reason is that it is more effective when you do it like it says in the process.

Otherwise, the mantra won’t work and your efforts will go to waste. This is why you should put in all your efforts if you are serious about vashikaran. You should make up your mind to achieve what you set out to do. Then you will surely be successful in what you do.

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